Get To Know Contact Lens Solution In Singapore

One of the most important aspects of having a contact lens is the hygiene care for it. As everyone knows, the care of a contact lens revolves around the lens solution provided with it. This solution is common for all contact lenses. The significance of contact lens solution singapore is not known by all.

What Does The Solution Have?

The important component of a contact lens solution is disinfectant. Since the lens goes directly on your eyes, they have to be clean of any infections. This is why the major component of the solution is disinfectant. Other components are the wetting solution, surfactant and preservative.

How To Use The Solution?

There is not much knowledge required for it. You just have to know how to remove the contacts lens from your eyes safely. Once you have removed them, using a lens picker, you will have to slowly immerse them back into the solution. Make sure they remain in the solution until your next use. This helps the lens remain moist and would easily fit back on your eyes during the next use.

What Else Is Important?

The box of the kens is as important as the solution. You do not directly dip the lens in the solution itself. You have to pour them into a box given for your lenses and gently place them in that. So while travelling, you must ensure that you are carrying your contact lens solution Singapore and your lens case.