Advising on Filling Out Your High School Application

Take caution while you create your list of (up to) 12 high schools to apply to. Don’t put it down if you’re not committed to attending the school you’ve listed. If you apply to a particular school and are subsequently allocated, it will be challenging to change your placement. Learn more about singapore high school admission

However, to maximize your odds of being matched, you should apply to many institutions using a wide range of admissions strategies. Is there a recommended tally? Ten is not quite enough in this case, and you should go for 12.

Favorite institution deserves top billing

Do not waste time with excessive planning or guesswork. No schools will know whose pupils ranked the highest. Thus it’s to everyone’s benefit to put their first pick at the top.

Don’t waste your time applying to schools where you have little chance of getting in. Your prospects of getting into a school that requires a minimum GPA of 85 are low if yours is just 70.

Please provide your zoned school as a preference if you are interested in attending. However, it need not be your preferred option if you find that there are alternative tools that better suit your needs.

There are a lot of options available at major universities. Apply to many departments if your heart is set on a specific university.

Make sure your parent or guardian has approved your selections on the final application. Your guidance counselor is not authorized to urge you to change your existing options without first obtaining your parent’s or guardian’s permission.

You should save a copy of your application for your records. Get a hard copy of your submitted online application. In the unlikely event of a problem with your application, you will have documentation of the institutions you applied to and your rankings.