Things your maid does not want you to know

It is not always possible to have spare time. Working parents, house owners, and time-crunched individuals are purchasing a little additional free time by paying for cleaning service to do the honors rather than investing Weekend washing the bathroom, among many other tasks. Make certain that your housekeeper has passed the 6me Singapore exam. Let’s take a look at some of the secrets your hardworking cleaning expert could be kept hidden under her aprons.

 She is working faster but not necessarily better

Your housekeeper will most likely do excellent work the first time she arrives to wash. This initial cleaning is considerably more costly than future appointments. The criteria for regular cleaning are established during the second and third appointments. Keep track of how many hours it lasts.

If the 2nd and 3rd sessions take four hours, cleansing your house must take roughly the same amount of time. You should have an issue if, after a few months, you learn that the housekeeper is coming and going within two hours and ten minutes. The housekeeper may be becoming more effective; however, it’s much more probable that she’s skipping a few key corners while still billing you for the complete service.

She may have light fingers

You don’t want to consider it, however, not everybody on the earth is absolutely honest. So there is nothing wrong with being careful as there is a chance that they may get tempted to practice their light-fingered proclivities. It is a breach when somebody enters your house and steals anything without your consent.